What you need.

Article Friendly Joy!

For this tutorial, I will be using two free software utilities, FileZilla and PsPad for Windows. FileZilla is an FTP Client, used to upload & download pages to/from your site. PsPad is a great webpage editor that you can integrate with FileZilla to automatically open any pages you download with FileZilla and auto re-upload once you have finished editing. Here are some good reasons to use these programs...

  • They are Free. This is good unless you are rich and can afford $400 for DreamWeaver.
  • They are Easy to use. I work on the "K.I.S.S" system (keep it simple *stupid, silly or sweetheart* use whichever you wish)
  • It will be less Confusing to follow along. Hey, even if you ARE rich enouph for DreamWeaver or FrontPage, It's always good to have backups!

Are you convinced? Good! You may download each from:

PsPad Page Editor
FileZilla FTP Client

Once you've downloaded and installed each, you can continue on to learning to integrate them for ease of use.

Got those bad boys installed now?

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